The Enviromentally Conscious
System for Pipe Renovation
Our Enviroliners process is the most widely used method for restoring structural integrity to and removing infiltration from sewers. It has been proven in pipes with a wide range of shapes and in diameters of up to nine feet. In the Enviroliners process a resin-impregnated Enviroliners tube is installed into a damaged sewer. This process results in a seamless, jointless "pipe-within-a-pipe" with a smooth, continuous inner surface which usually increases flow capacity. We typically complete installations in a single day, using robotic methods to restore active connections from within the line.

Every aspect of our process has been proven through years of use. Our resins have been tested and proven for sewer applications. Our equipment has been specifically designed to ensure safety and achieve peak product performance. With new innovations and enhancements added each year, our Enviroliners process is the most dependable and cost effective in the industry.

2007 Will continue to be a busy year for Enviroliners. We have expanded our operations, and will look to 2007 for the same results as 2006 brought us. For information on our state of the art process please contact our office.

We wish everyone the best in the upcomming year.

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