Installing Enviroliners (CIPP) takes a fraction of the time it takes to dig and replace pipe utilizing traditional methods. Our enviroliner material is inserted and retrieved through existing manhole structures, thereby eliminating timely and costly excavating and re-surfacing procedures, that are normally associated with conventional pipe replacement projects.
Along with Enviroliners durable chemical composition, it's polyethylene foil cover offers added endurance to the pipe material and helps maintain a constant wall thickness. The patented Enviroliner polyester, vinylester and epoxy resin is designed to create a durable, continuous and smooth interior to promote and improve flow capacity by reducing friction and sediment buildup.

Once in place, internal pressure by means of steam or water(depending on the installation method chosen) is applied to expand and conform the Enviroliners material securely into place.  During this procedure the applied pressure also serves as an exfiltration testing monitor for the newly cured liner.  Existing cracks and irregularities of the host pipe will be instantly and effectively sealed.

Below Demonstrates the Installation of the bag prior to Pressure being applied:
Once in place, the steam or boiler truck apply pressure to the liner (Shown below):

Movie Demonstrating the Procedure:
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