A method of evaluating and creating a permanent video record of underground pipe conditions.Enviroliners will conduct evaluation video inspections for communities that wish to assess the overall condition of their pipe systems and develop priorities for repair programs. Preliminary inspections are completed immediately preceding a repair project to ensure the line is free of debris and to create a record of the open and capped service connections in the line. Following completion of a project, a post inspection video is shot to provide a permanent record, both of the repairs themselves and of the service connections that have been reinstated.

Enviroliners has one of the industry's most flexible and technologically advanced video inspection systems. All new video footage is recorded digitally where it can then be converted to DVD or VHS, whichever best fits the needs of each customer. To ensure consistent high quality, all of Enviroliners video's are reviewed by a team who has completed training in CCTV inspection of underground pipes to ensure the highest of quality.


The camera is mounted on miniature treads and lowered into a pipeline through a manhole or other entry point. The camera is then propelled through the line, videotaping line conditions as it goes. A cable attached to the camera transports the video images to a nearby truck equipped with video and computer equipment. From there, the images are viewed by expert technicians to ensure they meet customer specifications. Along with customized reports, the video is then supplied to customers in the format they specify..

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